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This unit covers the importance of teaching the receptive skills of reading and listening. In this unit, I learned that students attempt to learn these receptive skills for various reasons, but most fall under the categories of necessity or pleasure. The unit suggests that teachers should vary the subject matter presented, in order to gain the interest of all the students in the class. As with other units, this lesson offered helpful examples of how to implement an ESA lesson on reading and listening in an engaging manner.As a full time ESL teacher, I have not found our course books to be of much use. They are predictable, and generally do not fit the level of the students. However, I do use the exercises in the books, and occasionally use the test. The exercises built around these grammar points are reinforce my explanation of these points. In my opinion, questions 9-12 for unit 9 are not very clear. The options, even when it is clear what a ?study? and ?activate? portion of a class should look like, can be easily misinterpreted.