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In this unit we deal with the Past tenses an area of study that from the native English speakers point of view is rarely analysed or even considered in the moment. As a refresher course this unit is interesting because we often don't consider the way in which things take place as being continuous or perhaps that events may not transpire in the order we first consider. Its also helpful to see some common mistakes in the way that words are transformed into the past tense. And how the words may shift depending on the tense used.Materials that are being used in the classroom for teaching and learning can be both authentic and non authentic. Authentic materials can be used for both educational and business purposes while non authentic materials are more based on resources that were already published or manufactured by the learning institution and are taken to the class by the instructor. As it relates to materials in teaching and learning, the internet is one of the main resources used by both teachers and students in assisting them wherever possible.