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This unit provided a great overview of the different future tenses. What I found most helpful were the teaching ideas and common mistakes for each tense. For the future simple, it recommended doing a fortune telling or palm reading exercise for example. I think that sounds like a fun exercise for students! As for the common mistakes, I think it is really good to know as a teacher where students make mistakes, because then the teacher can watch out for those mistakes and try to show the students how to avoid such common mistakes.The video lessons gives quite a clear real example of a class environment. The differences between the two videos are drastic and subtle at times, but they directly affect the response of the learners, which influences their willingness to partake in the class. These videos portray how a teacher can improve his/her teaching ability by just altering simple things, like smiling. The second video was much easier to watch than the first, and this is why it is extremely important for the teacher to focus on how a class is presented.