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This unit was based on two videos which showed a bad example of a lesson and a good version of it, allowing us to highlight effective teaching habits and inadequate tendencies. Although it was obvious that the first teacher didn't have a positive and encouraging attitude, I found interesting to see how much the teacher would get the students to participate in the second video. The latter was enjoyable as the teacher answered to wrong answers or pronunciation kindly, used mimes, gestures and visual content, and kept smiling. I also liked how fluently he went from stage to stage.Receptive skills are necessary for gaining any understanding of the world through English. Being able to effectively acquire information, regardless of the medium, takes more than a simple understanding of all of the words contained within it. Generally speaking, students need to learn to target the information that is of interest and filter out that which is irrelevant. Since these skills will be taught by having students pick out certain pieces of information, it is important for the motivation of the students that these pieces of information are aligned with their interests.