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Variety is an important component of the teaching method; however, it's also important for the lesson to have an anchor segment where teaching of language rules/grammar/spelling/vocabulary is the focus. This will help build lesson on lesson. Upon putting together a lesson plan, it's helpful to look at the whole course in order to make sure that activities and elicitations have a purpose and are building on the student's language abilities. All activities and elicitations have to be designed based on context of the class and how advanced they are in their study of English.This unit introduces various English tests to examine the students' English levels. It also includes details with respect to the types and the applications of these tests for different purposes. Furthermore, the unit supplies information regarding various external tests including tests on general English, business English and academic English, such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC, etc. Through the lesson, I have realized that various tests would require English teachers to develop their own speciality in certain fields, such as preparing the students to attend certain tests.