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Unit 1 covered varies topics such as what to expect in Units 2 through 6, basic terminology concerning Business English, course objectives, and job prospects. In addition, I learned that teaching Business English is a growing market and typically more lucrative, but contact hours for teachers working for a company is drastically more than teaching in a school. The contact hours can range from 18 hours to 35 hours. Teaching Business English appears to be more lucrative, but also more demanding.The unit covers some common problems that teachers can face up during ESL classes. First and foremost, it is of a paramount importance for teacher to recognise that it is hardly possible to conduct a perfect lesson. As some difficulties arise this just means the process of learning is going on. The most significant part of troubleshooting is teacher's ability to be attentive to students' complexities. Once the problem has been identified a teacher should find out its root and try to eliminate it.