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This unit helped me to visualize how I can effectively teach in a classroom. This allowed me to visualize how I would form seating arrangements and what I would do to form rapport among my students. Classroom management is something all teachers need to think about. I remember when I was a student what I found a teacher did was effective or problematic. For example, a teacher who lost their temper and shouted at the entire class didn't solve any problems. They often times only made matters worse.With this Unit I learnt about all four basic skills in English: reading and listening as receptive skills, speaking and writing as productive skills. All of them are equally important. I got many very good ideas how to help students learn writing skills and speaking skills in this Unit, also how to use a Straight ESA plan with on writing and speaking classes. I learnt when to correct and help students and when to let them use their own English when they Activate the learnt grammar and vocabulary.