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This unit is about the solutions of problem arise during the lesson. Within a class, there may have students with different English level, there may have a large number of students, there may also have students who are too shy etc. This unit explained that teachers could use pair work or role play activities to enhance students' motivation on learning English. All in all, the learning environment should be relax and interesting so as to allow students to learn foreign language in a more enjoyable way, which helps a lot on their absorption of knowledge.This unit introduces various aspects of managing a classroom including grouping, physical classroom arrangements, teacher talk time and students talk time, etc. It also provides information in detail on writing on the board, giving attention to the students, building rapports and carrying out disciplines. I think all these topics are very important because when I become an ESL teacher, I will face most of these issues on a daily basis. Through this lesson, I have become aware of these issues and will pay attention to them in my study in near future.