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We have different types of class in English teaching. First one is the beginner : That it have different kinds. I loved the tips for teaching beginners. Second one is 1 to 1 lessons : It is hard for a teacher to handle this one specially with beginners. Third one is teaching children : We should do care about this type because you have to focus on education as well as teaching English. The fourth one is ESP: This one need some more extra knowledge about the pecial field of science that your student wants to learn English for.Placement tests allow teachers to group students with similar language levels together. Diagnostic tests tell the teacher how much the students already know at the beginning of the class so that the teacher can adjust his teaching accordingly. Progress tests are administered to see whether or not the student has learned the content, and to provide the teacher with a sense of who the weaker students are in the class. External exams are held outside of the school, and practice tests are a way of helping prepare for external exams.