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It was interesting to learn managing classes. Establishing rapport, maintaining eye contact, use of gestures, voice and the importance and when to use student names. It was also interesting to know about student groupings, classroom arrangement, and seating arrangement. The importance of facing the class, giving individual attention and teacher talk time its advantages and disadvantages. The need to maintain discipline in a classroom. I also learned reason for problem behavior, prevention and responses to problem behaviorI've learned the theory of how one should act as the teacher when in class, and the multitude of variables that goes in to being successful at it. To be aware of how you speak and gesture, the level of language you are using to instruct, and which considerations you should take in both grouping and arranging students. I also think the parts about using the board and balancing your role as the dominant and friendly leader of the class, since it is important to have control but also keep the respect and interest of your students.