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In this unit, I learned about teaching receptive skills like reading and listening. I learned that people read for different purposes: entertainment,for a purpose or both. I learned that a text can be read in different ways depending on one's goals. For example, one can skim a text to get the gist of it, or read it carefully to capture all the details. I learned that authentic texts are not catered towards learners, whereas non authentic texts are. i learned that I should I should select texts that are not too hard, but not too easy, and which will interest the students.I felt like this unit helped me organize a lot of my ideas coming from previous chapters. I am studying the different grammar with paired activities. Now I feel a lot more confident to approach the actual lesson. I did find it very confusing for the study phase. I had to review the ESA from Unit 3 to try and clarify which activity would come first or second. I read in my notes that it is best to start with elicitation to form the basis of my board work. I also am glad to see a lot of self-evaluation before and after the lesson through anticipated problems and end survey.