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This unit is talking about the theories,methods and techniques bout teaching.There are many methods of teaching,which have been changing all the time.People now are more likely to have the methods which is \"student-centered\".I have also been taught an effective teaching method called ESA,which is well-known and popular.About ESA,different stage have distinctive methods and objectives for both teachers and students.We teachers should use proper methods in each stage.This Unit was about Future. The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. I agree with this oppinion, becouse there are many situations when students want to dream of our future or they want to share one of our plans for the future with friends, but can't do that as they want, teacher must to help them clear up. This unit has a lot of informations about the ways which we need to use for theaching process when we will be explain The Future Tenses.