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I learned from this unit that it is important to provide students with a variety in teaching. I also learned that you should start with a killer engage activity in the beginning so that you are able to get and keep students attention. Starting with asking students to share all that they know about a particular person, subject animal, etc, reminds me of the KWL charts that we do with students to see where they are at with that particular lesson. Drawing out all that the students know will allow teachers to see the direction that they will have to take.Pronunciation and Phonology. It was always called Phonetics when I was in school but I can't remember ever studying it. The material presented in the course was very interesting to me. Intonation, Stress, Phonemic Symbols, Articulation Manner and Place. I loved the combination of physiology and physics in the production of language sounds. I have to admit sound joining and changing etc. does seem a bit like slang to me. The Demonstration lesson was great and I can see how/why the students get engaged in the study and activities. Thank you, Ian Wansbury