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Unit 4: Unit 4 discussed the different forms of present tense. This was a unique learning experience, because it challenged me to critically think about the English language. It is not everyday that, as a native English speaker, that I reflect upon whether something is a present simple, present perfect, or present continuous sentence structure. The differences between the different present tenses can be difficult and/or even confusing at times. I believe that continual review of present tenses with students will be a staple of basic classroom learning.Unit 14 was rather short but gives a lot of information that will be important to consider when planning a lesson. Teachers will often be in situations where the school has provided the textbook and this can also be a disadvantage. It would perhaps create a situation where the textbook is out of date or not within the teacher's personal teaching style. Some schools also tend to believe solely in the power of the textbook and it will be important for the teacher to be able to recognize when it is actually helping their students learn and when it is not.