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This lesson is a solid overview of the Business English course. One main point I have seen here is the importance of having a broad base of english teaching experience and knowledge. This is more important than having in depth knowledge in a particular field. If we are teaching english for specific purposes then we have to have solid grammar and foundational skills. We can always learn terms that are industry specific. It is also interesting to see what opportunities are available globally as an English Teacher.I learned about pronunciation and articulation of words as well as the phonetic alphabet. Intonation refers to the change in volume and pitch in a sentence, whereas stress refers to the change in each syllable of a word. Different ways we say things can have different meanings with the same words. Some different places of articulation in the mouth to create a sound are velar, palatal, dental, etc. The different manners of articulation include plosive, fricative, nasal and are categorized by how the sound is made.