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Class size will impact the types of activities that the teacher selects to teach English. Teachers must adapt to the needs of the students at all times. They must balance what students want with what students need. In addition, teachers must be aware of different levels of students and use different tactics to make sure all students are learning. One technique is to pair stronger and weaker students together. Another technique with large classes is to use worksheets and choral drilling to ensure all students are involved.Wow.......so interesting and instructive! The first lesson was awful!! Bad attitude, condescending, poorly organized, disregard of vocabulary difficulty, ignorance of student struggle to understand, etc., etc. (I have witnessed teachers like this!) The second lesson was a joy to watch. Kindness, inclusion, gentle corrections, humor, enjoyment of the moment, great miming, etc., etc., along with a quick pace that the students were able to match, due to the expert segues from one part of the lesson presentation to the next.