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This unit provided insight into resources that can be used in an ESL classroom. Many of these are resources that I already use in the science classroom. I have found out through experience that its best to test the technology before the class starts, as I've been mid lesson only to find that my technology does not work. A a teacher it is important to have a back up plan even when using such resources as technology. I've found through my experience that technology can engage students as it makes to content more visual and relevant to their generation.Good Receptive Reading and listening skills are the prerequisites for one's perception of a language and will boost good productive speaking and writing skills. As a teacher, it is very important for us to build students with a good foundation of receptive skills. A key factor that greatly affects one's comprehension of information is his \"pre-existent knowledge\", therefore, we should expose students to a variety of topics and increase their vocabulary. Reading and listening tasks are also critical as they promote and ensure the true understanding.