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While learning the english language myself, I often found that the hardest thing to grasp was not the new words by themselves, but the variety of applications and effects that they could have in a whole sentence. This unit helped me to learn not only that this wasn't just my case (as a student), but that as a teacher my responsibility is to use the correct forms and rules so that the student can understand the vocabulary and of course be able to use it by exposing them to it as much as possible.This unit goes over the different types and forms of the future tense. It clearly states how to form the future tenses and how they are used. At the beginning before going into detail of each tense, the forms are all presented. I like how its is presented like that as you can clearly see the differences in the sentences. I learnt how to distinguish them from each other and what tense to use when you are trying to talk about something that will happen, will be happening or you suppose may happen.