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I learned a lot of things in this lesson. I realized some location-based words can be adverbs. I also learned the concept of transitive and intransitive verbs. Transitive verbs need an object after it. Many parts of our grammar have exceptions, so we must simply learn and get accustomed to the rules by repetition, and thus eventually depending on feeling to determine how something should be said. Yet this feeling must be based on correct grammar. This is all the more the case for the students I will be teaching.I found this unit extremely difficult to finish as there was no tasks for the last 3 questions to practice my knowledge of the unit on. I read and watched the video several times and although all the information was given I didn't find the first part of the video very helpful and appealing to watch. I feel that the unit requires more detail for the relative clauses and phrasal verbs as these are the most confusing to get a grips with, therefore this would then be difficult to pass on information to the students.