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this unit is about how to find the best books and how to use them. but any way if you find a good book with good balance of all receptive and productive skills you can't use this book all the time without changes with all students. Because all books are written for general group of students not for specific one. you need just based your lessons on the teacher's book, not to follow this book all the time, because of students' age, level, motivation and native language. so in my lessons i always take some points from the books and add it in my lessons.Unit 4 was an in depth lesson on the Present tense. This was a crucial lesson because tenses are a concept even native speakers sometimes struggle with. Also, it is an area that is difficult to teach, because many native speakers use tense correctly through ?feel? and prior knowledge gained from being a native speaker. While this is useful to the teacher, without the grammatical rules and guidelines given by the lesson, it would be difficult to teach English learners. Thus, this lesson was useful in solidifying a tense that is often taught first.