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This was a really nice unit because it gave me the majority of the common uses for the various present tense verbs we have in English. The biggest reason I appreciated this particular unit is because in some languages these tenses don't exist.For example, in German the present continuous tense doesn't exist and in Portuguese the present perfect tense doesn't exist so this gave me a lot of the information I needed to give simple easy to understand explanations of when and how to use these verbs.Unit 20 is about troubleshooting. As a teacher, we will encounter various problem situations and it is important to know how to deal with them. In this unit, there are plenty of suggestions to resolve problematical situations, such as how to deal with first lessons, unmotivated students, students? different levels, larges classes, etc. Of course, the teacher can use other solutions, using his/her imagination: the crux of the matter is to find an effective solution that get rid of the problem.