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This unit has given me some clues to explain English grammar formations and applications. Present perfect is especially difficult for many non- English speakers to understand and apply. Even for native English speakers it may be a challenge for them to explain this particular tense as they are generally habitually using it without being aware of the form of usages. Hence, the clear directions provided in the unit serves to be a great tool for me to teach present perfect tense. The activities suggested in the unit are also very useful to make grammar learning less boring.In this chapter I learned the basics of EFL lesson planning. I learned that the lesson plan is the friend of the inexperienced teacher, as it allows us to logically think out our lessons beforehand. We set the objective for our students and think about how to best achieve that goal in the allotted amount of time. I learned that not only are lesson plans good for planning what the students should do, but are useful for the teacher to track and monitor their own teaching goals as well. During this lesson I also got practice planning out lessons based on materials provided.