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Unit 7 was an enjoyable unit. I definitely agree with the TEFL's philosophy of ensuring language learning is effective and appealing to students. The tree imagery illustrates the importance of teaching all aspects: vocabulary, grammar and language functions. From time to time I often experience frustration with my own foreign language learning, my understanding is far greater than what I am producing, therefore, I identified with the 'Receptive verses Productive' theory. Having failed on a few questions on Unit 6's test, I felt a little disheartened. However, studying the ESA approaches excited me. I enjoyed planning the different structures and coming up with my own creative ideas, e.g. creating a 'Come Dine with Me' menu for an Activate learning engagement. The tasks forced me to revise the different grammatical forms and reminded me that TEFL's syllabus/guidebook and materials will help me in this area, i.e. Learning by Doing.