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This was the most complicated unit yet. I'll tell you about it. (Future Simple) I won't be receiving any grammar awards today. (Future Continuous predicting the present) I will keep reviewing for several more weeks. (I believe this would be Future Continuous if not for the fact that it suggests personal intention. in which case it must fall under Future Perfect since \"several more weeks\" is a certain time in the future. I also learned the meaning of \"Past Participle,\" which is the past tense form of a verb. Be becomes been. See becomes saw. By the time I finish this course, I will have been staring at this laptop screen for days. (Future Perfect Continuous) Am I going to let Future Perfect Continuous and Future Perfect tenses be a problem for my students all year? (Going to Future) The difference between them is this: latter focuses on what will be done, the former focuses on how long it will take to finish.