TESOL Jobs Indonesia Pematang Siantar

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This unit went deep into the aspects of teaching and learning, a refresher of topics learned from the first TEFL course with a Business spin attached. The chapter went into deeper detail on what to expect in certain teaching situations, such as one to one learning and learning in groups. Also the advantages and disadvantages of each. I appreciated the segment on how to work around the disadvantages. There was also a refresher on teaching the productive and receptive skills. It was great of the lesson to give us examples of situations where specific skills will be used in a Business situation. Finally, we were given a brief overview of other teaching methodologies other than ESA, and a refresher on what ESA is and the different types. I feel as if this unit was a great refresher from the first TEFL course, in seeing what I retained from it and what I forgot, and of course learning about it in a business context.