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After reviewing this lesson and unit I feel more confident in what i have been doing on a small scale especially when it comes to dealing with a new set of students. I like to start the first lesson by getting to know the students and have them ask me questions. Where do they think I am from, can they tell me about my country, have they traveled outside their country. Let each of us become comfortable with each other and at the same time i can gauge the level of their English and understanding.This unit gives us a short review of basic grammar concerning parts of speech.As we have learnt there are 7 parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, articles,verbs,adverbs, gerunds, pronouns and prepositions. Most of the parts of speech has very specific rules about its using. However, as the author points out, some of the rules aren`t written in stone therefore it can be difficult to explain the usage so continuous practice will be the best option for better understanding of English grammar.