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In this unit it was good to learn about more countries such as Thailand that how we going to teach in an unfamiliar country with teaching skills. It was quite similar to the young learners in this unit has its totally almost the same what we have learned already but it was good to practice over again. Before we start teaching in a new different country it is very important for you to have confidence in teaching and good for communication skills and also know the rules of the country. It's good to know more about the short forms that are used in Business world for English.There are a number of ways to assess a student?s language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students and test. It is often appropriate to give tests at different stages in a course, placement tests are designed to place new students into the correct class, progress tests are used to check what language has been remembered and forgotten, diagnostic tests are similar with placement tests but more extensive, practice tests should follow the structure of the external examination. And also there are some general external examinations and Cambridge assessment been introduced.