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There is good advice for selecting course book and supplementary materials for the lesson. The good use of course book is tailor-made it as a good reference for the students. At the mean time, creating materials for the level of the students can let the student be confident, so they can be motivated to study the authentic materials when they have the basic understanding through doing practices with created materials. It helps me to understand what kind of materials that we have to prepare in the different stage of the lesson. It is a useful topic.I learned this unit that students need to be stimulated in all activities. A teacher's use of the controlled,guided and creative activities will influence the way the class learns and interacts with one another. I gained a stronger understanding of the importance of the ESA module through the use of accuracy and fluency. By valuing both activites a student can become well rounded and far more likely to pick up different concepts easily. Encouraging student interaction is crucial to their understanding of concepts and building ideas off of eachother.