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Testing and evaluation are obviously important. Without having a gauge of what is being learned and retained, you have no idea if your teaching is doing any good. Learning a new language is much like building a house. If you can?t maintain the initial framework, to build on, then new information can?t be placed on it. Testing is ideal in making sure the initial framework is solid. Not only is this beneficial for the teachers, but also for the students as well. This may be a motivator is allowing the students to follow their own progression.In this unit i have learned all the types and different usages and system of the future tenses and how they can be properly used and applied to the sentence and the correct meaning of each tense in describing the upcoming or ongoing moment in the future. Even dough the future tense seemed to be quite complex to be understood at first but the well detailed explanation of each of the future tense system was well explained in this chapter and has made it quite simple and easy to understand the differences and distinguish them clearly from one another.