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This unit focused on classroom management. It suggested ways that a classroom could be arranged and the pros and cons of each. It also talked about individual, pair and whole class instruction, but I would have liked it to have given specific activity examples for them. Also, the behavioral management section was sparse and the use of voice, eyes and gestures seems intuitive to me. I think that the unit should have talked more about behavioral problems that might occur in the classroom and how to deal with them. Perhaps that will be in a later unit.Evaluation and Testing. This Unit we can find the different ways to evaluate. Placement tests to know which is the english level, so the teacher can place the student in the correct class. this test have a written part with multiple choice and a interview. Progress tests should be used continuously, is helpful to know what item need more work. The diagnostic test is similar to a placement test but more extensive. You must give this test at the beginning of a course. Practices test are recommended to practice external test as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.