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This unit covered the different methods of evaluation and testing that a teacher can use to monitor and asses their students. I learned that there are different types of tests which include different contents to understand the level of the students. For example progress tests would only cover materials that have been taught while placement or diagnostic tests would cover a wider range of material to understand what level the students are already at. Overall, I feel that this unit was lacking in information as I expected a deeper level of content.I have always thought that a very important part of learning a language is pronunciation because it helps students gain confidence when talking with other people.A correct pronunciation allows a non-native student to interact with people without being corrected or stared at.I found phonology(especially when exercising intonation)and stress(when speaking),very interesting.I didn't realise how difficult a correct analysis of a language could be and I have to admit that I have never heard of stressed parts of speech.It really did capture my attention.