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This unit focused on ways to teach receptive skills to students. Receptive skills are reading and listening and they are used to obtain specific information (for a purpose) or for leisure activities like listening to a song that one likes or reading a novel. There are times when these can be used for both - like learning about a time in the past that one is interested in. The unit also gave examples of how to identify useful and suitable course materials depending on the objective of the lesson and the level of fluency of the class one is teaching.Teaching and listening (receptive skills), along with speaking and writing (productive skills) are the four basic skills that make up every language out there, and the English language is no exception. No language is easy but if one can master these four fundamentals, one can definitely achieve success in the goal of English language fluency. But, if it was so easy, anyone would do it. With foreign students, its more difficult because they are often not around the language that's why they find it much challenging to pick up the language. Thank you!