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In this unit we discussed conditionals and reported speech, running through zero conditional to mixed conditional, and studied the ways that the conditions work in relation to grammar. Considerable problems can arise when using the tenses as it may be difficult to see the differences in usage between the conditionals. Various teaching ideas were discussed; for instance, using the 'complete the conditional' exercise where students are given half a conditional and then are told to complete with their own ideas; example: \"If I won the lottery, ... \"This unit was more in depth about equipment and teaching aids. It gave a fair list of all the different types of technology that can be used in today's classroom to assist learning a new language. It also gave the pros and cons of each item which may not have be considered otherwise. I thought this lesson was one of the most informative for teachers thinking about lesson planning. All these factors and available options need to be considered when you are planning to teach new topics to see if there is an easier way to help your students understand.