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In this unit we got to know about classroom management and how to be a good teacher, inspire confidents in your students and make lessons interesting. First of all classroom management is the skill of having friendly relationships with students, organizing and managing the discipline in the class. Eye contact, voice and gestures- all of these are important in the classroom. The way you organize the position of students and yourself matters as well. Maintaining discipline depends upon many factors such as students? age, reasons for learning, class size etc.The 5th unit teaches us how to manage our classes. There are many useful reminders and tips on how to control/treat our students. There are so many things to be considered while controlling our classes. I think, as teachers we always should put our students and their self esteem first. We should care more about them than us or our teaching. All of us will benefit from a friendly atmosphere. Having said that, we need to remember that teachers, although shouldn't be dominant, they need to be firm and fair. We also can not let our students control us and our class.