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After watching both videos, I realize how important it is to maintain energy during a lesson. The teacher was happy and enthusiastic the whole time. He couldn't even take a minute to learn the students names in the first lesson. I was very bored myself watching the first lesson. I was not quite sure of the point that he was making, and I am a native English speaker. I felt like both lessons did however reach an end goal, but the second lesson was more productive. The students probably retained more information.From this lesson, I learned 7 different kinds of future tenses, they are The future simple, The future continuous, The future perfect, The future perfect continuous, Be going+infinitive, The present simple, The present continuous. For the details, I learned the form, usages, typical mistakes or errors that students make. From teaching ideas, I learned some practical methods to teach different future tense. In a word, I am clearly with different future tenses and I believe that I can teach students very clearly.