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It is very important to know the different tenses and also the sample activate stage teaching ideas. It gives teachers ideas on how to help students understand the tenses better, because knowing there are 12 tenses in English can make students very tense about learning it. There are certain rules for each tense and it's very important to know them and also when to use a certain tense. Use examples in class and write it on the board. The students will understand it better and enjoy it more if you use everyday sentences as examples.This unit covered examples of both effective and ineffective classroom lesson examples. This unit was incredibly important as it revealed and utilized all that has been learned regarding the classroom setting thus far. I found it especially important as I lack experience in this particular aspect and these videos provided good comparisons/contrasts to form a foundation. I learned how to create an environment that facilitates learning and participation. I will definitely be referencing these videos throughout my career in TEFL.