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In this unit I learned about the receptive skills which are reading and listening and the importance of both. I was taught the categories of motivation to read and listen, these are entertainment and purpose.Listeners and readers employ different sets of skills when reading and listening these include scanning, predictive and skimming skills.The topic of the text or dialogue is very important and a teacher needs to introduce a variety of topics over a period time in order to maintain the interests of students.This unit focused on the future tense - its form, how it is used (both correctly and incorrectly), and how it can be taught. Once again, the incorrect use of future tense can have an impact on a speaker's intelligibility and ability to be understood by other listeners. Errors in tense will change a speakers meaning in conversation. Mastering the correct use of tense in conversation is an important part of learning and speaking English in every context, be it low level exchanges to the professional environment.