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In this lesson, I have learned the importance of using specific techniques to teach new vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. Teaching each of these lessons involve three different stages such as engage, activate, and study. Each stage contains several specific techniques within its own category of teaching. For example, the engage stage for teaching new grammar structures includes discussion, scenario building, prompting, question and answer, and using pictures. These techniques are very useful for a variety of English learners.l have learnt from Unit-5 stage is that - How important Eye contact,Gestures and the voice of the teacher. - How to discipline the classroom , giving information to the students,Rapport building,writing on the board and the use of TTT.. - How important to grouping the students:Whole-class activities,Students workingo n their own ,pairworks and group works For me this thing is most impartant: Students name should be used at the end of the question,not at the start. This keeps everybody in the class alert,they wont know who is goin to be next. :)