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In this unit, maniging classes include many factors, such as our eye contact, gestures and the voice how to influence the whole class, or grouping students decided by class siz, furniture and different activities, as well as the classroom arrangement. Except that, we still need to pay attention to our conduct in the class, for example: we should face the class every now and then when we need to write on the board, we should pay attention to our TTT, need to know how to give effective instructions and so on. So there are much to learn, I should keep on learning.Evaluating & testing students. All a part of the teacher/facilitators roll. When starting a new student a placement test is completed to assess the level the student is working at. This helps to decide on the work level that is approriate. During the course of time a student can evaluate how they find the course materials. Often this is done in confidence without names. Tests help to assess the levels the students are progressing at. My class being adults say what they think on a course or where information could be improved. All part of continuous improvement.