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This unit was interesting for me because I learned about new methods I can be using now during my lessons. Many methods I was naturally using without knowing there was a name for it. One thing I didn't agree with was the drawback of the Grammar-translation method. I think it can be a useful base to start off with. It can be used to get students to understand difficult concepts if you are a fluent enough speaker and have a thorough understanding of their culture. I agree that it should be used in a limited fashion, but find it sometimes necessary.Unit 17 explored the common materials and teaching aids found in an English classroom, such as a whiteboard, dictionaries, or cassette recorders, and some ideas on how best to utilize these resources. I have learned that a teacher needs to think ahead about these resources, evaluate what is available, and plan thoroughly according to what they intend to use. It is also important, for many of these tools, to do some work ahead of time in order to prepare them for the lesson, as in the case of selecting relevant videos or creating slides for an OHP.