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This unit covered special groups, like business classes or young learners and the special requirements/characteristics of teaching such groups. Generally I believe it is good to consider your audiences and what they want out of your lessons. Personally what I thought was extremely strange was this unit suggested that if you thought children experienced abuse all you could do was tell the school and leave it to them (page 7). This is in some cases not only immoral but also illegal. For the rest this unit was good and I felt I learned some from it.I am very agree with this opinion in this unit which is almost every published course book has its fan and its distractors. As a teacher, we are always on the way solve this contradiction, without any course books we will find it?s too hard for us to have persistent and systemic learning program for students, especially for new teachers. On the hand, totally depend on the course book and echo what the books say is also a bad way of teaching. In this unit, it gives us some proposal to balance the advantage and disadvantage of use a course book.