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Teaching equipment used in the classroom can be comprised by a variety of useful instruments. First and foremost is the omnipresent board, with the recent years' development in many fields, more technologically advanced interactive white boards have been introduced in many schools and teaching facilities. It is up to the teacher to keep track of the different updates concerning their job. Many other teaching aids such as CD's or cassettes have been and continue to be utilized, although the present most useful resource is without a doubt the vast reaches of the internet.The materials and templates provided in this unit will be really useful for me as I have only been teaching for about 1 year so I can definitely put these to good use! Seeing how the language focus is carried out in a lesson plan is interesting and very helpful. It shows I have been kind of on the right track and this has provided more methods for me to apply. Basically, this topic talks about the purpose of lesson planning, the various ways to approach it and why it is important. It also provides helpful examples that relate back to the language focus being taught.