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Unit 9 covers many of the benefits of a doing a lesson plan. The main benefits are that they are an aid to planning what you expect to achieve over the lesson and the stages as they relate to the duration of the class, a working document that you can use to keep on track and refer back to as class is in progress and remember to keep it flexible and as a class record to keep track of materials that have been used. I really like the idea of having the phase included in the lesson plan and will apply this to my current lesson planning in my classes.In this lesson I learned about planning my classes. I need not be too strict with my lesson plan or script it because there must be room for flexibility but some ideas to keep in mind when beginning my teaching career regarding lesson plans are to put down personal and learner goals on my plan, anticipated problems the students might have, materials I may need, and to jot down the given time for each activity. I also saw some examples of practice worksheets for grammar exercises which I can imitate with my own class regarding other grammar forms.