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I learned that there have been many different methods for teaching language starting with the grammar-translation model which works well for similar structure languages to more modern methods which combine the best from all being the ESA or Engage-Study-Activate model. The ESA Model uses engage to get the students attention and brain working in english and can then move on to either a study or activate phase. As long as the lesson ends with activate which is a period of using the new language in a more realistic situation or practice if you will.This unit gives concise method of student arrangement in a classroom, how to discipline, eye contact, voice how to organize students in groups, pairs or individual arrangement, I learned the importance of gestures, eye contact and how to have voice clarity when addressing the students. This unit taught me to have self confidence and how to be effective in giving confidence to my students. I also learned classroom management of how to organize a classroom in a manner to be effective at the same time have a relaxed manner of maintaining discipline.