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Assessing students' language level is important for the students and teacher because the assessments show what level the students are at and where they need to be placed. Assessments can also show how much progress students have made throughout the week, month and length of a course. An assessment is also a good time for a teacher to get feedback about the course from the students, by means of a survey or guided discussion. It is reassuring to learn that the teacher is encouraged to have their students evaluate how the course is being taught.In reading this unit, my impression was that much of the material was largely common sense. Also, I was familiar with many of the techniques from observing 2nd & 3rd grade students at a local elementary school where I was a volunteer for several years. The teacher made use of most of the same methods, some of which worked better than others. Their success or failure seemed to depend on the backgrounds, the ethnicities and the parental involvement in the classes. Every year, the classes were made up of students from a few different countries.