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This lesson emphasizes the importance of recognizing the unique needs of the adult learner. Learning levels will not follow the typical progression of age and/or grade levels in found the traditional school environment. Rather, classes may well be grouped by department within the business structure at a company or by a specific goal, such as a sales presentation for a new produnt. Individuals seeking improvement in English skills inevitably will be in a class of differing levels of understanding. Careful planning is essential in this situation.In this unit, I learned about how to create a lessons plan by using the activities I learned from previous units. It's very important to keep the plan simple and flexible so that it's open to adaptation. The plan is to help the teachers be organized and it's best to structure the document and maintain it the same structure. A good teacher should always want to monitor the quality of the lessons. An effective way of doing so is for the teacher to evaluation the lessons and make notes of what went well and where the lesson could have been improved.