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Unit 3 was filled with very valuable information which I will be able to reference throughout my career as an ESL teacher. The unit gives an overview of some of the most prominent systems of teaching English as a Second Language that have been used over the years and then explains in depth the ESA method developed by Jeremey Hammer which incorporates the idea of Engage, Study and Activate. This method is the method used by ITTT and has been proven to be very effective because it incorporates the best of other theories and methods of teaching ESL.This unit explained how evaluating students, test are important to show what students know and what needs to be worked on throughout the course. Placement test allow teachers to place new students into the correct class according to their language ability. Progress test show what students learned throughout the year and what they need to work on. Diagnostic test are given in the beginning of the year to see what students already know and this helps the teacher prepare lessons and materials. Practice tests is a preparation test for external exams.