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Tenses are used commonly by native English language speakers without knowing how they use them in a sentence. As a teacher, the basic knowledge of this will help combat common errors (as exemplified in the course slides) and work to have students understand these tenses. By reviewing more than just past and present tense, we are able to understand the complex language that our students are trying to understand. It is much more beneficial to break instruction of these ideas up into 4 in 1 instead of just 1 because it will help students understand the parts to take in the whole.This unit introduced us the methods used for teaching English. From the oldest method 'Grammar-Translation' (Classical Method) to the newest, which this course is based on 'Engage, Study and Activate', we were shown the best possible ways of teaching under different circumstances. With very clear examples, all the stages of the ESA was explained, and while learning about 'ESA', I remembered all the years when I was studying English, and the smilar methods and excercises our teachers demonstrated for us. Now I have more clear idea about why we were taught with such tenchniques.