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This unit helps teacher understand the way to teach a new language. Among the three parts (vocabulary, grammar and function), I think function would be the most important part for students to learn. They should know how to talk with other people in different occasion. While talking with peers, they could use informal language; yet they need to use formal language when they are talking with seniority. This is also important for children to learn politeness when talking with people who are older than them.The future tense appears to be very complicated. I cannot say that I have heard the future perfect continuous form used in everyday speech (it makes for a very cumbersome sentence). I also did not realize that when talking about a schedule of a bus and we say \"the bus to Chicago leaves at 9.\"- that we are using the present simple in a future context. At the end of each unit thus far I find myself marveling at just how much we speak our native tongue without any active thought of grammatical structure.