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This unit focused on the future tenses, and their usage in the English language. The future tenses each have their own unique structures which can be confusing to students learning English. As a native English speaker, we use future tense phrases such as \"I will be going\" or \"It will have\" so frequently that it is easy to lose sight of what ideas about the future we are actually trying to convey when we are using saying these things. I thought the bullet point table that highlighted the difference in usage was very helpful.lesson planning is an important part of teaching, an inexperienced teacher cannot handle the class without proper planning. A lesson plan should have clear personal aims, language point, phase, teaching aids, objectives, procedure and most of all timing. Timing is the most difficult and important part of lesson planning. A teacher has to be organised beforehand. She/he has to do the seating arrangements, get the equipment checked, run through the lesson plan and be ready to chat to the students as soon as they enter the class.